Welcome to the site of Kooiman Fire Safety Solutions S.L.(KFSS).

Edwin Kooiman founded Kooiman Fire Safety Solutions S.L. (KFSS) in 2012 & has more than 20 years of experience in the field of fire protection, HSE consultancy and business services. KFSS can provide Emergency Response Team (ERT) professional advice & recommendations for fire protection within the home & business premises. Edwin was a member of the fire brigade has given guidance to a team of 20 volunteers & professional staff.

The power of KFSS S.L. is that it can play a key role in all stages of the chain of safety in your company or institution.

Knowing your security risk in your organisation begins with an accurate and complete picture of the current risk. For example:

  • You know what hazards employees and visitors walk in your company?
  • What risks on fire, explosion or the release of hazardous substances there are?
  • How your building can be quickly and safely evacuated?
  • What additional dangers have a fire or other incident in your building?
  • Or the safety features are tailored to the actual risks still sufficient?
  • What your employees need to do when the alarm goes?

All of these questions & issues require a thorough knowledge of fire safety and security aspects of your organisation. The art is to identify all risks and implement corresponding measures which cover all risks & hazards & thus reduces incident probability & business costs. This pro-active approach & extensive experience puts KFSS at the forefront of fire prevention & ahead of its competitors.