Plan your prevention:
Prevention is only effective if the chosen measures well with the risks of your organization and building passes. Prevention therefore asks for a systematic approach. Kooiman Fire Safety Solutions S.L. grabs your risks in the correct order to: first the inventory, then the risks prevention organize.

Risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E):
A RI&E is an inventory and evaluation of the security risks. The inventory shows which risks on fire, accidents and other incidents (for example, explosions or leaks) and building your organization runs.

ERT total scan:
The ERT total scan will provide you with all the information that is necessary for a well-functioning ERT-organization. After implementation of the advice given is your organization fully attuned to the risks of ERT-your company or institution.

Business emergency plan:
In an emergency situation deserves the personal safety of everyone currently in the building is obviously the highest priority. This is also in the business emergency plan drawn up by the KFSS S.L. than most emphasis. The advantage of a business emergency plan of KFSS S.L. is that there is also attention to the limit of the physical and economic (consequential) damage of an incident.

Evacuation drawning:
KFSS S.L. has all the knowledge and skills in accordance with all legal requirements to work out a rescue plan. The evacuation drawning are standard laminated and fitted with an aluminium list.

Evacuation plan:
When you have an fire- or a evacuation installation you must have an emergency evacuation plan. Develop a plan for you may rescue KFSS S.L. in accordance with NEN 8112: 2010. KFSS S.L. distinguishes itself by the integral fire safety knowledge here.

Attack plan:
The attack plan is specially created for the (business) fire. Using the attack plan can the fire already during the prepare for the firefighting hitting.

Escape route plan:
The quality of escape routes plays a crucial role in preventing calamities. For owners and users of buildings brings this is a big responsibility. When something goes wrong, the owner can legally be accosted and user finally on. KFSS S.L. knows this matter like no other and processed all these aspects in security consulting an expert escape route.