Work in progress …
In the links pro-action, prevention and preparation done much work your security organization behind the scenes. You do this in principle with your available staff. However, there are times when your security organization, with more people outside emphatically than usual. For example, an event, a celebration, a new project or a revision where extra security is required. Your security organization engaged in risky work in progress is visible. KFSS specializes in posting of security personnel and ensures certainty in all your activities or events by the world.

Safety expert:
Engineering construction projects and increasingly knowledgeable supervision questions and advice. It can be important that at some point you get from a Secondary safety officer support and advice. KFSS can do a safety officer for both short and long-term projects seconding.

Fire guard:
At many companies is an increased risk for fire, contamination or explosion. Also apply these risks at many work processes. Here are measures needed to ensure the safety of humans and the environment. Each production process has its own risks and these serve to the ultimate limit avoided. The fire waiting for the work are duly KFSS trained and certified.

Fire safety guard:
Waiting you in your company Has regularly to deal with risky situations and work? In the case of daily or regularly recurring risky work is your need for structural fire safety waiting. When you can both as a structural fire safety waiting KFSS occasional hiring.