If the alarm goes off …
You have mapped your risks and with the right safety measures made as small as possible. Also go to your employees safety conscious with the risks in their work and in the workplace. But does anyone know what he should do in your building if the alarm sounds? Are you prepared when, despite all the security measures, yet something happens? Do this along with KFSS.

Communication and the use of walkie-talkie:
KFSS walkie-talkie training is given on the location of the company or institution with the communication equipment that is used there. Through a number of practical exercises teaches the team dealing with the own equipment, what important information and what’s not and how one should act in a real situation.

Emergency evacuation exercise:
If there is a threatening situation where everyone must leave the building, it is important that this expires quickly and without problems. There is a roadmap: the evacuation plan. This plan once a year to the practice reviewed by means of an emergency evacuation exercise. Has the expertise in house to KFSS a realistic exercise for you to set up and processed all these aspects in a expert advice report.

Tailor-made care:
Because every organization takes care of KFSS also so-called company-specific risks, in-company training sessions at your location. This can already from six participants. The in-company training goes in detail on the situation in your company. If no suitable training location offers your organization, this company-specific training also take place on one of our locations (out-company).